What am I doing with my life?
Where am I headed?
Does my life have significance?

These are all questions that can be
answered through Hand Analysis for
Self DiscoveryTM by Sandra.


Like examining an acorn to see what kind of tree it will become, our hands contain a detailed map of who we can become and the path through our own personal version of the human experience.

Like you, your fingerprints are completely unique in the universe. They have remained unaltered since the 16th week after you were conceived. Discovering their encoded information brings a fresh perspective to the unfoldment of your life and the people you have chosen to be in it. You can now see the bigger picture including your own role in creating your life story.

In other words, your hands clearly define your Life Purpose and Life Lesson. Understanding and applying this information opens the door to a new paradigm of creativity, fulfillment, and an empowered experience of your life.

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