What am I doing with my life?
Where am I headed?
Does my life have significance?

These are all questions that can be
answered through Hand Analysis for
Self DiscoveryTM by Sandra.

Heart Lines Key to Relationship Style

03 December '11 by , under Heart Lines, Relationships.

Hand Analysis is all about using the whole hand to reveal your story.  As the Hand Analyst, I look at the shape, texture, quality of line, length of fingers and much much more.  One marker does not really stand alone, however, we can learn some essential things about our communication style, how we want to love and be loved, and most importantly, our non-negotiable need from our heartlines. Our non-negotiable need is that bottom line – what most needs to be present in a relationship for you to be happy.

The heartline begins under your pinky, (called Mercury in Hand Analysis), and moves toward your thumb.  The destination of that line indicates which heart line type you are.

There are 4 basic heartline types which I define by the element that most characterizes the qualities of each line. You could have different heart lines on each hand and even more than one heart on one hand.

You could have Fire, Water, Air or Earth heart lines. Each has it’s own non-negotiable need, communication style, gifts and challenges. It is your job to know those needs and take responsibility for filling those needs every day to be happy.

Fire heartline’s non-negotiable need is passion. This person needs passion in work, hobbies, relationship every day. Fire heartlines are busy all the time and hates boredom.

Water heartline is all about connection, in fact, that is the non-negotiable need. This person is emotional loving person who expresses feelings easily.

Air heartline is a visionary who spends a lot of time thinking – even thinking about feelings. The non-negotiable need is meaning. Must have meaning in work, hobbies and/or personal relationships everyday.

Earth heartline’ non-negotiable need is freedom. This person needs to have own quiet time every day to be happy

Knowing your own heartlines and the heartlines of the people close to you could make a very big difference in the way you interact.  Understanding that we are all wired to have certain communication styles, different ways of giving and receiving love, and non-negotiable needs that drive us, allows us to have compassion for each person’s life journey.

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Why Is Hand Analysis So Meaningful?

17 March '11 by , under Hand Analysis, Life Purpose.

Spirit Hand

Although I didn’t come up with this, I think it’s SO accurate when it comes to describing the meaningfulness of Hand Analysis.

I can only hope to be so eloquent when it comes to describing the work I love to do! (more…)

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Thumb Meaning in Hand Analysis

15 March '11 by , under Hand Analysis.

thumb meaning in hand analysis

"Thumbs up"

The thumb represents your will and determination, as well as how you shape, control and dominate your environment – or not.  Even our language reflects these notions: “under my thumb,” “rule of thumb,” “thumbs up,” ….along with the related directive, “Get a grip!” – used when you’re feeling out of control and a bit shaky with a situation. (more…)

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12 December '10 by , under Life Lesson.

My journals are testament to how many times I have set the same intentions. Am I setting the wrong intentions or am I just not able to get through the emotional blocks that keep me from fulfilling my needs and desires? (more…)



09 December '10 by , under Life Lesson.

It is such a pleasant experience being in a bakery with the wonderful smells and the beautiful cakes and pastries in the display case. The delicious creations are placed into pink boxes with a string or ribbon tie to be taken home or to a friends home to be enjoyed and savored. (more…)

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Collaboration with Isabelle and Michelle

03 December '10 by , under Life Lesson, Life Purpose.

Sole proprietor has been one of my titles for many years. I am somewhat of an independent sort, so having my own business and being responsible for my own ups and downs has been important to me. There are challenges of running everything by oneself, making all the decisions and doing all the work. One is long term burn out, and another is loneliness and lack of perspective from other people. (more…)

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OptiMystics, a Collaboration of Three Modalities

14 October '10 by , under Life Purpose.

Collaboration is so much fun. Having 2 other people to share the work and the joy is just wonderful.  Each of us bring our own wisdom to the mix, with the common goal of discovering the essence of Life Purpose for each person who trust us enough to experience our “Triple Guidance Session.”  (more…)

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Sizzle Up Your Relationships

02 April '10 by , under Relationships.

Our hands really do contain the indelible keys to attracting and growing healthy relationships.  Most especially the relationship with ourselves.   (more…)

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Swimming Analogy for Life Schools

18 February '10 by , under Learning about Hands, Life Lesson, Life Purpose.

One of my readers, who also happens to be both a mentor and teacher to me, ask for clarification of the analogy I used in my last blog post.

The swimming analogy is meant to say that your ‘school’ – the feelings, the style, the paradigms, defined by the life school you are in – permeates everything in your life. (more…)

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Secrets Found In Your Finger Print Patterns

09 February '10 by , under Learning about Hands, Life Lesson, Life Purpose.

Your finger print patterns hold the profound information of the Life Purpose and the Life Lessons you were born with.  Amazing, considering that the swirls and markings that are your finger prints were fully developed 16 weeks after conception.  (more…)


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